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Many people function under the belief system that if you are not good with computers, you are simply not technologically inclined, and you will never be able to learn. This is patently untrue. Computer skills can be learned, and like any other skill, take practice. However, a traditional classroom setting does not work for everyone. Don’t become discouraged because you are not able to move as fast as your classmates, or find yourself frustrated by a lack of workstations in a class that is too big. Instead, learn new, and useful, computer skills from the comfort of your own home. Here is a quick rundown of a few online courses that can make you seem like a technological wizard.

1. C# video course

A C# video course can put you on the cutting edge of programming languages. The latest version of C#, C# 5.0 became available in August of 2012, so understanding current C# protocols will put you ahead of the game.

2. HTML5 Tutorial

An HTML5 tutorial is a must. HTML5 is the most up-to-date version of HTML. The most recent version of the code can do many of the things that made Flash so popular, without the drag on a computer’s resources that has made Flash such a problem for mobile devices.

3. MVC 3 Tutorial

An MVC 3 tutorial can vastly increase your value at work with regards to developing web applications. With an understanding of MVC, you can have a direct impact on how your office operates online.

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