Introduction to AngularJS with John Culviner

Watch the trailer for “AngularJS: Getting Started.

Watch the trailer for “AngularJS: Getting Started.

AngularJS is an open source MVC framework for efficiently creating dynamic views in a web browser using HTML and JavaScript. It is being actively developed by Google and others who are investing time and money to make it a great framework. AngularJS has been described as the “one framework to rule them all” by Brad Green, director of engineering and manager of AngularJS at Google.

The LearnNowOnline production team has been working with expert John Culviner to create two new courses that explore AngularJS, including how it compares to other libraries such as jQuery, Backbone, and similar technologies; and examples covering Directives, Controllers, Filters and the like.

AngularJS: Getting StartedNow available
AngularJS: Singular Page ApplicationComing June 10th

John is an independent software consultant who works extensively with AngularJS and .NET, and is a JavaScript single page application guru. In our AngularJS: Getting Started course, he makes the bold statement that from what he’s seen, AngularJS appears to be the number one framework out there. See if you agree! Log in to your account to start learning about AngularJS now, or visit our web site to learn more about available courses.

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BrianBlogpicBrian Ewoldt is the Project Manager for LearnNowOnline. Brian joined the team in 2008 after 13 years of working for the computer gaming industry as a producer/project manager. Brian is responsible for all production of courses published by LearnNowOnline. In his spare time, Brian enjoys being with his family, watching many forms of racing, racing online, and racing Go-Karts.

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3 thoughts on “Introduction to AngularJS with John Culviner

  1. Alex James

    Great post here Brian

    I think that angularljs is different from backbone and jQuery in so many ways. To begin, with the framework is considered to be a data driven one. that also offers excellent data binding. The performance of this framework is also far more better when compared to its counterparts. I believe that these aspects should also be considered.

  2. Brian K

    I was watching the AngularJS Single Page Application video, and it looks like John left as an exercise the node.js code that is required to make the SPA work. Any chance he’s posted that code somewhere?


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