Agile/Scrum Essentials for Practitioners

Geof Lory, Agile/Scrum instructor

This last week we had Geof Lory in our production studio recording our new Agile/Scrum Essentials for Practitioners course. Geof is from the Twin Cities and has been introducing Agile and Lean principles into organizations since the mid-90s.

So what is the Agile/Scrum methodology of project management? For starters, it’s unlike the standard waterfall project management methodology where you assign tasks with a given order and time frame for completion. (For example, Task A is done before task B, and so on until the project is complete.) This process involves a project manager whose job it is to plan and assign each task within a given time frame.

The Agile/Scrum methodology does not have a traditional project manager, but rather a project team who divides the project management duties among its members. Instead of a task-driven schedule, a circular approach is taken. Each part of the project has a series of meetings to help in the development process. There is a kick-off meeting to start the project, daily meetings or Scrums, and Sprint meetings. Each type of meeting has a specific role within the project.

The Agile/Scrum method started in the software development industry as an answer to the quick changing technology needs of clients. Over time, the Agile/Scrum method has been adopted by other industries because of the flexibility it provides to the project team for adjusting to a changing feature list or other unforeseen circumstances.

Our new Agile/Scrum Essentials for Practitioners course is scheduled to be released later this month. Watch our web site for more information.

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2 thoughts on “Agile/Scrum Essentials for Practitioners

  1. Leonard Sisson

    Hi, I’m a LearnNowOnline subscriber and saw the blog entry there. Any idea of the exact date that the Agile/Scrum essentials course will become available? My manager wants me to get training late this month but it means travel which is difficult right now. Would prefer to do the training on-demand/online and thought this course might be a viable alternative. The training they want me to take is 5 days long. About how many hours will the essentials course be? Sorry for all the questions but it would really help to know.
    Thanks, Leonard

    1. Brian Ewoldt Post author

      Hi Leonard, The Agile courses are just over 2 hours of total length. These courses gives the user an overview of the what is involved with using the Agile/Scrum methodology for project management. The courses will be available around the first couple weeks of August.

      Thank you,


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