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It is the Best of Times and it is the Worst of Times for Programmers

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Across the past six years, the US economy was mired in a recession. Yet throughout it all, there was one bright spot: the IT and programming job market. It seemed as if no matter how bad things got in the economy as a whole, there was always demand for IT skills due to a lack of supply.

And while the IT job market remains strong, it continually puts workers in a good news/bad news situation. The good news, of course, is that there are plentiful jobs, especially when compared to other segments of the economy. The bad news is that the competition is so fierce, the path of change so great, that workers can’t be complacent.

If their skills decay or if they remain idle for even six months, there will inevitably be other programmers – both in the US and abroad – who’d be happy to fill the void. The bottom line? Don’t be complacent. Continue to grow and learn. Expand your skills by taking a Java tutorial video, MVC tutorial, or a jQuery tutorial!

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