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Programmers Increasingly Using Sharepoint for Mission-Critical Apps

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In the world of applications, there are basic, everyday applications, and then there are mission-critical applications. Think Microsoft Calendar versus a highly complex financial transaction system at a bank. The former applications are relatively easy to manage and they generally do not perform mission-critical processes; the latter are the lifeblood of the company.

For IT programmers and job-seekers, we encourage them to focus on the latter. These types of applications are not only important to a company’s success, but also (and not surprisingly) programmers who know these technologies tend to make more money.

Well, now comes word that more and more intrepid programmers are using Sharepoint 2010 for mission-critical applications. This is a new development, as the platform was primarily used for basic office tasks and document sharing. Now, however, programmers are using Sharepoint for public-facing Websites, accounts payable, and HR portals – all of which can be viewed as “mission-critical” applications.


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