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It is the Best of Times and it is the Worst of Times for Programmers

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Across the past six years, the US economy was mired in a recession. Yet throughout it all, there was one bright spot: the IT and programming job market. It seemed as if no matter how bad things got in the economy as a whole, there was always demand for IT skills due to a lack of supply.

And while the IT job market remains strong, it continually puts workers in a good news/bad news situation. The good news, of course, is that there are plentiful jobs, especially when compared to other segments of the economy. The bad news is that the competition is so fierce, the path of change so great, that workers can’t be complacent.

If their skills decay or if they remain idle for even six months, there will inevitably be other programmers – both in the US and abroad – who’d be happy to fill the void. The bottom line? Don’t be complacent. Continue to grow and learn. Expand your skills by taking a Java tutorial video, MVC tutorial, or a jQuery tutorial!

Thousands of developers worldwide use LearnNowOnline to gain the technical skills they need to succeed on the job and advance their career.

The Benefits to Learning JavaScript

Whether you’re seasoned or new to programming, JavaScript is an essential language to have under your belt. Its “write once and run anywhere” mechanics allow users with different programming systems to easily run this language, creating an interface that’s easy for many to use.

Most commonly seen on e-commerce based system or universities who require a programming language that can span different spoken language and be run on any computer system, JavaScript is quickly becoming the necessity to learn for any office or business that seeks to thrive.

But what other benefits exist for you? What can it give you?

1. Networking capabilities

Considered to be network-centric to many, JavaScript makes it easy to work with others across networks and or create platform that easily fit into the perimeters given

2. Performance

JavaScript runs in byte codes, as opposed to native-machine-language commands…this means that Java can work faster to translate its codes rather than working to translate an exclusive language

3. Organized

JavaScript runs its system based on coordinated object-oriented units, known as: classes. These classes are stored away into appropriate files and only called out by the system when they are needed…which improves the speed and efficiency of running time

4. International Use

Unlike other programming languages that run on 8-bit characters that only work with Western spoken languages, Java uses a 16-bit character system that can translate to languages used all across the world.

Don’t hesitate to teach yourself something that could extend the reach of your business, or increase the current efficiency of your product’s running systems. Take the time to learn this language now, and save tons of time, and translation troubles from finding you later.

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JavaScript 1.8 tutorial video: Objects — Working with Windows

Expert Instructor: Don Kiely

Thousands of developers worldwide use LearnNowOnline to gain the technical skills they need to succeed on the job and advance their career.

Putting Java’s Recent Troubles in Context– And How It Can Affect Your Career

java256pxJava has been in the news quite a bit recently – and it’s not all good.

As you may have heard, the language has been hit by multiple attacks across the past few years; the bad guys have ranged from the Anonymous hackers to foreign cyber-criminals. Underscoring this problem, Oracle released the fifth Java update in just two months while the US Department of Homeland Security warned US users to completely disable the software.

So what to make of the future of Java? Naturally, the long-term prognosis for the language should be a concern for programmers considering a Java tutorial video or other training regimens.

This article does a great job of putting Java’s recent woes in context. For example, the reason why Java’s being attacked isn’t due to any inherent flaw in the language; rather, it’s simply the most popular language out there. It’s the same reason why PCs, and not Macs, have been the target of hackers for the last 30 years. But as Macs become increasingly popular, especially in the corporate world, they’re now seeing an increase of attacks.

Bottom line: if Java is central to your current or future career plans, the article is a must-read.

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Thousands of developers worldwide use LearnNowOnline to gain the technical skills they need to succeed on the job and advance their career.

Don’t Fall Behind in this Digital Age


Increasingly in work places, employers are realizing that their current staff does not have the updated computer programming skills needed to advance their company into today’s progressive digital age. As a result, employers often search for outside-help, or programming, from new employees. While this makes the company faster, it can easily cause resentment in the office as new faces emerge and job stability begins to feel uncertain.

Don’t let yourself fall into this thought-trap. Prepare yourself and educate yourself with the updated means of computer programming in order to feel relevant in your place of work and also connected to today’s changing marketplace.

Since most businesses are searching for ways to go online, coordinators of programs are constantly being forced to work with developers to translate their businesses’ needs into visually pleasing and informative platforms online. Cut out the middle-man and equip yourself with the skills to take your work from your planner, and Word documents, to a database online.

Learn Java and be able to communicate your wants and intricate program needs to the computer and watch it perform the task for you.

Learning on your own can be difficult, but it shouldn’t feel worthless. Online tutorial videos are a great way to advance in your career by broadening your skill-sets and knowledge of the programming world!

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