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Need Reasons Why C# is the Best Language for Mobile Apps Development?

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When it comes to honing your programming and development skills, it is worthwhile to consider the old adage “follow the money.” After all, no one wants to become an expert in a programming language that will be extinct in five years. At the same time, programmers should pay attention to heavily-hyped languages, as they could be their meal ticket towards a prosperous and exciting career.

Of course, we don’t use the word “hyped” lightly. Many languages have been billed as the “next big thing” only to quickly fizzle. That’s why we really like this article, which provides eight concrete and convincing reasons why C# is the best language for mobile development. No hype, just facts.

Ultimately, the language has many benefits that make it conducive towards long-term development for business purposes. For example, it’s very reliable and allows programmers to detect and isolate bugs quickly. It boasts advanced runtime and powerful features like object-oriented programming and encapsulation.

And perhaps most importantly, it’s easy to adopt, especially for developers well-versed in object-oriented programming. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our C# tutorial video today.

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Facebook is Sending Its Employees to Boot Camp….Coding Boot Camp!

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 1.03.29 PMFor those of you keeping track of the big trends in the IT and online marketing world, you’ll know that mobile computing is poised to be “the” big issue for 2013 and beyond. After all, more and more users are surfing the Web from mobile devices, and it’s sending all sorts of shockwaves throughout Silicon Valley.

For example, companies like Dell, which specialize in manufacturing PCs (remember them?) are in big trouble. The same with Intel, whose business model is predicated on selling chips for mainframe and workstations. And then there’s Google, who has restructured their AdWords program so that more of their customers place ads on mobile devices, where they pay-per-click rates for Google are higher.

And now Facebook is joining the party. According to this article, the company is sending employees – even non-IT employees – to “coding boot camp.” And it’s not just plain old coding – it’s mobile development that they’re focusing on. After all, the company’s mantra nowadays is “mobile first.”

You can see a trend developing here.

The bottom line: if you’re an IT professional looking to make yourself marketable, mobile development is where it’s at. And with C# being hailed as mobile’s best hope, our C# tutorial video is a great place to start!