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Developers, Let’s talk $uccess

7568209-crown-icon-on-computer-keyboard-original-illustrationIt is plain common sense that a developer will succeed and advance in their career, and therefore benefit financially from their success, if they are known as an expert in the technology they work in. As a Visual Web Developer or Visual Studio Developer, would you do better in your career if you were average or if you were an expert? Clearly, that is an easy answer… of course you will do better if you are known as an expert.

Beyond being a so-called expert, what must you do in order to succeed, advance your career and make more money as a developer?

Learn the right technologies!

Would you do better if you were an expert in Fortran or Cobol? Or would you do better if you were an expert in Visual Studio, Visual C#, .NET, Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, mobile development or Java? In the short term you can’t do them all, so it’s very important to pick the right ones! Success lies in being an expert in the hottest technologies at the moment, so choose wisely and then use a proven method to learn the technology.

According to Dice.com, Java developers remain the most difficult tech pros to land, followed by mobile developers and .NET developers. Hiring managers and recruiters cite these positions 2-3 times more frequently than other skill sets in the employment marketplace!

Given the above, I suggest becoming an expert in Java, Mobile Development or .NET programming.

Once you’ve chosen a technology to become an expert in, the next step is finding the best materials to learn the technology. At LearnNowOnline.com we build the highest quality video tutorials in the technologies you need and desire. We have Java Video tutorials, Mobile development video tutorials including development in iOS, Android and .NET and we have .NET programming video tutorials! In addition to our online video tutorials, you can add on sample code, full courseware and hands on labs to provide additional resources for your learning.

Happy Learning,