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Tips for SharePoint Site Owners

So you’ve decided to take on the task of becoming a SharePoint site owner! Before you dig in and set up your SharePoint site, there are some critical responsibilities you should consider.

First, a SharePoint site is not a fire-and-forget web site. It requires your attention and ongoing tweaking to be the faithful companion you need it to be for your business. Without proper attention, a SharePoint site will become lonely as no one will want to visit or use it. It may feel neglected and become unruly. It may even act out, by performing data dumps, bringing down servers, or becoming infected.

To help you with your new role as the proud owner of a SharePoint site, LearnNowOnline has enlisted the help of SharePoint site whisperer Philip Wheat. Philip has collaborated with us in the past on our courses for SharePoint 2013 Application Model and SharePoint 2013 Administration. Now Philip has joined forces with us to create a couple of great courses designed for those of you who wish to take on the task of becoming a SharePoint site owner.

SharePoint 2013 Site Owner: Templates
This course will help you understand what being a SharePoint Site Owner is all about, and what tasks and capabilities you’ll need to master in order to make your SharePoint site a success. You will learn how to set a baseline for those SharePoint capabilities you are likely to be concerned about, and you’ll learn the base capabilities of the various SharePoint templates as they come right out the box. Watch the course trailer:


SharePoint 2013 Site Owner: Managing Sites

In this course you’ll learn the basics and functionality of managing your SharePoint site and site collection. You will understand the various tasks and items you need to know in order to operate your site on a day-to-day basis and ensure the best user adoption. You will also learn about additional features that can really make your SharePoint site shine. You will learn about Office integration aspects and how you can use workflows to make your SharePoint site operate as an application platform without a complex development effort. By the end of the course, you will understand the items you’ll need to operate your site, important takeaways to remember when setting up your site, and tips for gaining adoption and usage of your site. Watch the course trailer:


These SharePoint Site Owner courses are now available, visit www.LearnNowOnline.com for more information including course outlines. With the help of LearnNowOnline and Philip Wheat, our SharePoint site whisperer, your SharePoint 2013 site will be a faithful companion to your business and loved by all. Your site users will be amazed at how well behaved your site is and will want to visit it often.

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Brian Ewoldt is the Project Manager for LearnNowOnline. Brian joined the team in 2008 after 13 years of working for the computer gaming industry as a producer/project manager. Brian is responsible for all production of courses published by LearnNowOnline. In his spare time, Brian enjoys being with his family, watching many forms of racing, racing online, and racing Go-Karts.


Taking a Deeper Look at New Changes in the SharePoint Platform

en-usRecently, we talked about the new changes to Microsoft SharePoint and how that’s creating demand for experts in this wildly popular platform. Today we’d like to briefly look at some of these changes, many of which have been summarized by Mark Kashman, a SharePoint senior product manager, here.

(In fact, for those looking for SharePoint related work, the aforementioned article is a must-read. That and our SharePoint tutorial, of course.)

OK, so about those changes.

For starters, SharePoint will be integrated with Yammer, a social media application. The user interface, meanwhile, will include touch capabilities and asynchronous calls. Subscribers can share documents and files to users both inside and outside their company with a new “Guest Link” feature. And new “on-hover” feature lets users view contact information or a document preview for a document search.

This is all, of course, the tip of the iceberg. And it’s precisely because of that – new capabilities, new functionality, new complexity – that companies all over will be looking for SharePoint ninjas.




Thousands of developers worldwide use LearnNowOnline to gain the technical skills they need to succeed on the job and advance their career.

Collaborating with SharePoint

en-usLet’s say you’re looking to beef up your resume. So you take a SharePoint tutorial, wisely realizing that more and more businesses are adopting this collaborative platform. In doing so, you also learn that pieces of technology – like SharePoint – are more than just ones and zeroes. You’ll learn that technology can help businesses grow while lowering costs. And being able to articulate this can go a long way in your interview.

For example, let’s take a closer look at SharePoint. It’s a platform where hundreds, if not thousands, of business users collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and other types of media. Without some sort of governance structure and standards, such an environment would quickly become chaotic. Therefore, any SharePoint implementation at the enterprise level requires a cross-functional governance board consisting of individuals from business units and IT.

One of the things the board will talk about is creating and maintaining a common look and feel across SharePoint sites – something that you, as a SharePoint programmer, will be intimately involved in. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: design, implementation guides, testing – all of these things will require input by a SharePoint expert.


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Thousands of developers worldwide use LearnNowOnline to gain the technical skills they need to succeed on the job and advance their career.

Microsoft Rolls Out Bold New Upgrades to its SharePoint Platform

en-usMicrosoft recently rolled out a revamped Office 365 Enterprise, its hosted collaboration service. The service is comprised of a suit of products that include Office 2013 Professional, Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013, and Lync 2013.

As you can imagine, users have been eager to test out these new and improved products, and so far, reviews have been positive. For example, SharePoint has been optimized such that there are no longer any significant differences between Microsoft’s hosted version and its on-premise counterpart. Both promise identical sets of administrative tools and the same administrative functionality.

Perhaps most importantly, Sharepoint allows users to build collaborative solutions on the the fly thanks to new features such as public and private “app stores.”

Ultimately, the future of software will play out on the cloud. The market is crowded with all the heavy hitters – Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Yet most IT shops remain Microsoft-centric, and as a result, many will embrace SharePoint as their cloud-based collaboration platform. As a result, SharePoint skills will be at a premium, further underscoring the importance of taking a SharePoint tutorial to build out your skill set.

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