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Advancements in Online Training Can Make Anyone a Programmer

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There was a time in the not-too-distant past where computer programmers were viewed as an elite, mysterious bunch. The general public and non-IT workers knew nothing about coding, beyond the fact that it was complicated stuff. In other words, a relatively small group of individuals had a kind of monopoly on coding competencies.

But things are changing.

Thanks to the Internet and advancements in training technology, online courses are democratizing coding and programming. Now someone with even a casual interest can take a handful of online courses and become proficient relatively quickly.

In fact, New York City Michael Bloomberg’s 2012 New Year’s resolution was to learn how to code. If that isn’t inspiring, what is?

LearnNowOnline is leading the coding training revolution. So whether it’s video tutorials for C#, C# .NET courses, or a Visual Studio 2010 tutorial video, we can make your dream of becoming an amateur or professional programmer a reality.


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SharePoint 2010 for Advancement



The SharePoint program, launched by Microsoft eleven years ago, is now used by more than 75% of all Fortune 500 companies in the world. Microsoft has sold almost 7 million copies of the program per year since 2006. The latest version is SharePoint 2010 with SharePoint 2013 coming out soon and if you are someone looking for a job in the corporate world, the ability to use the program with confidence can be the added boost that your resume needs in order to stand out from the crowd.

SharePoint is a user-friendly system that makes content management and intranet management easy. It integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Windows applications, and makes it easy to set up inter-office networks. SharePoint 2010 can be learned online with video turorials for SharePoint 2010, and combined with video tutorials for C# and other topics at www.LearnNowOnline.com. Knowing how to work with SharePoint 2010 and how it relates to other languages and tools can make your job search easier, or exponentially improve your chances of advancing within the company if you are already employed.

How to Get Started With Video Tutorials for C#

c video courseThere are a lot of details to learn when you want to become an expert in a programming language like C#. When you want to begin learning C# and you’re confronted with so much material to cover, sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to get started. That’s why taking a comprehensive online C# video course is often the best and simplest way to get started on learning C#.

To get started, be sure to find a series of video tutorials for C# that are supported by professional experts. These tutorials will focus on the information that will be most relevant to you as a C# beginner, because it will have been devised by people that understand what you’re trying to accomplish in your studies. As you proceed through your C# video course, be sure to take notes on what you want to come back to and have questions about. A useful component of online video tutorials is that you can always refer back to them to help you understand any steps you find more difficult than others.

Instructive video tutorials for C# can distill a lot of important and useful information into easy to follow steps. Because these tutorials are created by expert, professional developers and programmers you can be sure you’re learning the most essential facts on working with C# as a programming language. An online C# video course can be the sure-fire way to developing your skill set and crafting you into a top-notch developer.



Be the Smart Employee



There was a time when having computer skills defined you as a bit of a “geek”. Then all of the geeks became millionaires, and suddenly, having at least a modicum of computer savvy became extremely important. Nowadays, having a working knowledge of computer programming and web design can lead to promotions at work, career stability, and an increased salary. It pays to spend some time learning how your computer works from the inside out.

Online courses, such as video tutorials for C#, or a Visual Studio 2010 tutorial video, can help you get started on the road to increased computer knowledge. Visual Studio know-how will make you invaluable in developing web sites and mobile applications, and for debugging any existing problems. C# has proven itself as a first class language, so becoming proficient in it will keep you marketable for many years to come. Gone are the days when computer knowledge was synonymous with video games and bad fashion. Today, understanding computers is vital to the success of a business, and positioning yourself as the employee with that understanding is a smart move.

Tutorial Videos Help Beginners And Pros Learn More

Learning how to use any new development tool like Visual Studio 2010 can be challenging, and learning a programming language like C# can be as difficult as learning the written word of another culture. Too often, trying to learn by reading through dry, boring manuals and tutorials can just make things more confusing. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with some of the technical terms being used, trying to learn development tools and programming languages with text-only tutorials can seem impossibly daunting.

If you’re brand new to C# or Visual Studio 2010, sometimes the best way to begin learning is with a video tutorial. For the uninitiated, a visual studio 2010 tutorial video is often a great way to jump-start the learning process. Not only will you gain all of the useful information of a text tutorial, you’ll be presented with easy-to-follow visual steps so you can be certain you’re on the right track.

Video tutorials are also great resources for learning programming languages as well. There are a number of video tutorials for C# as well as html5 tutorials that can help programmers of all skill levels learn new and needed skills. And not only can you find tutorials on specific subjects, but also entire C# video courses to help you learn new skills and brush up on old ones.

Whether you’re just starting to learn about Visual Studio 2010 or programming languages like C#, or if you’re a seasoned pro, video tutorials can often times be the best and most useful way to learn new skills.


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