So HTML5 is the Future of Programming. But Do Developers Even Like It?

html5Across the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about how HTML5 is the programming language of the future. But what do developers think of it? And why do they like it? These are very important questions that we’d like to address today.

CMS Wireinterviewed current HTML5 developers and asked them what was so appealing about the language. The number one benefit, cited by 72 percent of respondents, was the familiarity of languages, meaning that if you’re fluent in HTML (naturally), JavaScript, or CSS, picking up HTML5 should be a breeze. (For a great primer, check out our HTML5 tutorial.)

The number two, three, and four benefits were “Reach/cross-platform support” (62 percent), “Performance” (34%), and “Availability of tools/libraries” (28%), respectively.

Notice the sharp drop-off between benefits number two and three, indicating that while HTML shows a great deal of promise, its performance needs to catch up with the hype.

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