Does Google Prefer C/C++ or Java Programmers?



Any job hunter will tell you that while it’s important to have experience, a great resume, and a strong work ethic, it’s also equally important to do your homework regarding the company you’re interviewing for.

This can mean reading up on their financial situation in the Wall Street Journal, downloading annual reports, and understanding the firm’s strategies for future growth. And in the programming world this means understanding what languages the company is known for.

For example, there is an ongoing argument within the programming culture of Google: what language does the company prefer, C++ or Java? This article in Forbes addresses the question and the answer is: neither. What recruiters care most about is experience, a willingness to learn, and ability to think creatively.

So if you’re an expert in Java, odds are Google will want to talk with you. And our Java tutorial video can help you get there.

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