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Adobe Embraces HMTL5 – Perhaps It’s Time to Start Paying Attention


You know HTML5 is the hot skill of the future when even its competitors admit as much.

That’s what happened recently when Adobe, the makers of Flash – a technology whose best days are certainly behind it – ditched its mobile Flash software for HTML5.

This didn’t happen out of thin air, however. Back in 2010, Steve Jobs wrote an open letter eviscerating Flash’s deficiencies. Basically, by being a 100% proprietary piece of software, Flash significantly hampered developers. It made life quite difficult, which created the market, if you will, for while HTML5 to take over.

Not soon after, Adobe officially announced what the world already knew, that – and we quote here – HTML5 is “the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms.”

There’s still work to be done, of course. Older Web browsers like Internet Explorer may not support some components of HTML5. But when Steve Job and HTML5’s main competitor reach the same conclusion, it’s probably time to sign up for an HTML5 tutorial and get to work.

How Can You Tell if a Technology Has Arrived?


There are two ways to find out what the “next big thing” will be in terms of programming languages and next-generation IT skill sets.

The first way is to read the popular IT journals; this is a piece of advice we’ve given in the past, and we’re sticking to it. That’s because magazines like Computerworld and InfoWeek provide objective forecasts around what technologies companies will adopt in the future.

The other – and more immediate way – to find out is by seeing what early adopters are doing. (Usually the best way to find this out is through the aforementioned journals.) Once the big boys start adopting a technology or standard, it’s safe to say it’s here to stay.

For example, take HTML5. Even before the standard was 100 percent complete, YouTube, Google, and Netflix adopted it and incorporated it into some applications. Never mind that full certification won’t come until 2014 – they were that excited and eager to roll it out.

This probably the best evidence yet that an HTML5 tutorial should be a key part to your career development plan.

What Programming Language & IT Skills Will Support Our Mobile Future?


2012 was the first year on record in which PC sales were lower than the previous year. That’s big news, as it signals a profound shift in modern computing away from the PC and towards mobile devices and smart phones.

So the future will be mobile. That isn’t exactly rocket science; the writing’s been on the wall for years now. But what’s really getting analysts and technology forecasters excited is how this development will play out in the programming world. The million dollar question is this: which language will consolidate its influence over mobile development?

Well, this article doesn’t pull any punches: the future will be written in HTML5. The research firm Strategy Analytics predicted that in 2013, HTML5 phone sales will explode: from over 330 million devices in 2011 to close to 1 billion in 2013. Manufacturers and customers are demanding a rich mobile experience across multiple platforms, and HTML5 is the candidate best equipped to do this.

So if you’re an intrepid IT programmer or job-hunter looking to make an intelligent bet on the future, perhaps an HTML5 tutorial is in order.